Museum | A place dedicated to Flemish art

Unique in Europe

Flanders Département Museum stands on Mount Cassel. Its aim is to showcase artistic creation in Flanders – which makes it unique.

Why, then, is there a Flanders Museum in Cassel? Until the Battles of Flanders in 1677, Cassel belonged to the County of Flanders. The building that today houses the Museum, the Hôtel de la Noble Cour, was a castellany that covered a reasonably vast territory with 54 parishes, most of which were found in what we call today Inner French Flanders.

In the so-called Castellany Hall, the cupboards used for storing documents bear the names of villages written in Old Flemish.

Given that history and the Museum’s collections, it seemed right to display the entire variety and richness of Flemish culture form the 15th century to the present day, and ranging far beyond the borders.

The layout is topic-based, not chronological: works of different types (drawings, etchings, paintings, sculptures, videographic works, etc.) jostle for space and to delight the eyes!