Museum | An exceptional place

A magnificent 16th-century building

Set in Cassel, at the summit of the highest hill in Flanders, the Museum benefits from a heritage, environmental, and tourism-related setting that is remarkable. It is housed in the Hôtel de la Noble Cour, which has been granted Historical Monument status; it is one of the most beautiful Flemish buildings in the Nord Pas de Calais region.

The Hôtel de la Noble Cour has a 16th-century Renaissance façade that is visible from the Grand’ Place. Surprisingly, it has typically Flemish architecture on the garden side, with, in particular, its “sparrow’s footstep” gable. The inside will surprise you with the variety of decors that alternate with sculpted wood and the warmth of brick, a typically Flemish material.

The pretty paved courtyard and the garden, set at the rear of the building, offer breath-taking views over the Plain of Flanders. Night is a magical time when the façades are lit up.