Paul de Vos
Deux jeunes phoques sur un rivage
1650 Huile sur toile
Besançon, Musée des Beaux arts et d'archéologie
© Besançon, Musée des beaux-arts et d’archéologie- Photo Charles CHOFFET

Exhibitions | The Odyssey of Animals

Flemish animal painters of the 17th century

October 8th 2016 - January 22nd 2017

In the 17th century a singular kind of art asserts itself in the Flemish art: the wildlife art. The Flemish Artists are so sensitive to the material depiction; they excel more or less in the representation of the wildlife. The realism is beyond, to the detriment of Fantastic. The specialization process is engaged. Roelandt Savery, Jan Fijt or even Paul de Vos are among the greatest wildlife painters.

If hunting scenes and market stalls show the opulence and the refinement, other more realistic subjects distinguish themselves.
Heaven on Earth evoke an over period when predators and preys were living in a sweet harmony. Human remains almost non-existent, or even totally absent. It is the animal ultimate kingdom!

That way the violence inherent to the bestial character of the animal is not hidden quite the opposite it is staged in masterful compositions where the confrontation excites power and condolence. From there, takes out the ceaseless fight for the survival, an odyssey however charming which transcends the animal beauty.

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