Agnès Dubart
Réveil (Awakening)
Woodblock print on paper
© Philip Bernard

Exhibitions | CHARIVARI. The engraved work of Agnès Dubart

From 16th November 2013 to 16th February 2014

Agnès Dubart is a truly unique artist. She uses different techniques to engrave a fanciful and fantastic universe into wood or metal, inspired by ancestral Flemish traditions as well as her own research into the depiction of the body, symbols and the life cycle. Her world is populated by quite improbable beings, trees with never-ending ramifications and people swept up in frenzied folk dances.

This talented young artist who harks from Lille trained at the Valenciennes School of Fine Arts before joining the engraving faculty of the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts. Awarded the Gravix prize for young French engravers in June 2013, Agnès Dubart is exhibiting her work in a museum for the first time after showcasing them in several galleries; she splits her time between Lille and Reningelst in Belgium.

Her first creations are Expressionist in style, predominated by chiaroscuro, a sense of confinement and a dark, disturbing atmosphere … The carnival, a symbol of renaissance, is also a significant source of inspiration for her: when winter gives way to spring, revitalised bodies rejoice and bring forth new life, and her chimerical dancing figures are bursting with as much verve as those in the Flemish Figures. 
The moon and its cycle, both repetitive and variable, also feature prominently in Dubart’s work, an intrinsic part of the cycle of life, death and then renaissance.

Some 70 showpieces, including the livre-objet – a type of artist’s book – after which the CHARIVARI exhibition has been named, are on display in this astonishing collection.