Circle of the Master of Wodecq (Tournai, active circa 1460)
Virgin and Child

Sculpted oak
91 x 46.5 x 24.5 cm

Inv. 2009.9.1

Acquisition 2009

Major works | Earthly & Spiritual Matters

A majestic Virgin

Monumental by its rare height (91 cm) and imposing by its weight (the statue is not hollowed out at the back), this Virgin and Child is quite remarkable in more ways than one. Mary, seated in majesty on a throne of Gothic inspiration with her long wavy hair tumbling to her shoulders, is presenting the Baby Jesus in her left hand and blessing the onlooker with her right. She almost certainly wore a silver or gold metal crown at some point, as attested by the flat top of her head.

Two observations make it possible to attribute this sculpture: the Virgin’s robe is gathered into folds that are pointed at the end and the oval shape of her face with sullen cheeks are trademark features of the 15th century Tournai sculptors. More particularly, this wholly distinctive stylistic treatment likens this sculpture to another Virgin attributed to the Master of Wodecq, owned by the Tournai museum.