Léo Copers (born in Ghent in 1947)
Geen gezeik iedereen rijk! II

Mixed materials (lacquered resin)
50 x 50 x 50 cm

Inv. 2007.2.1

Acquisition 2007
With a contribution from the Museums Regional Acquisition Fund
© ADAGP, Paris, 2012

Major works | Parody on Parade

All that glitters is not gold…

Léo Copers is a Flemish artist who has felt drawn by the tensions arising from interactions – and even contradictions – between objects, materials, and elements ever since the beginning of his career. The installations and ephemeral performances can appear deceptively simple: water catches fire, a neon light floats in a swimming pool.

Geen gezeik iedereen rijk ! II, is a stack of gold bars piled one on top of the other in an organised, unequivocal manner. They symbolise the wealth and lust of Man and seem so real that visitors may feel tempted by the bar placed on the ground within reach. But this is impossible for the whole structure is bound together. By this act, the artist is showing that Man is so dazzled by Earthly goods that he forgets what is truly of value in life. The artist makes fun of human nature, for the bars aren’t real – they are made from lacquered resin. To crown it all off with irony, this work was displayed in a bank directly on the floor. The illusion was perfect.

A first draft of this work belongs to the Ghent S.M.A.K collections. Geen gezeik iedereen rijk ! I is a perfect cube, while the second installation ramps up the temptation and ostentation since the bars placed on the stack and on the floor seem entirely free, unattached and there for the taking.