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Verification and review

This is a compulsory operation (see French Act 2002-5 of 4th January 2002 on the museums of France) essential for knowing exactly what the situation is regarding the collections.
It entails reviewing the museum’s inventories checking that the works are physically present and digitizing all of the information collected. It also involves writing a report on the state of the collections. Through such a process we are therefore able to update all of the information we have concerning a particular work of art.

Each work is:

- cleaned
- measured
- photographed
- the materials and techniques used in the work are identified.
- a condition is written.
- the inscriptions are noted down
- if the work does not feature in the inventories, it is added.
- the work is marked with its inventory number
- all of this information is then entered into the work’s computer file.

The verification and review process identifies any works needing restoration or suitable display or protective supports.